Our Foundation

Vision & Mission


We envision a vibrant, multi-generational community where members live independently and enjoy meaningful social connections. The planned neighbourhood balances private homes with shared indoor and outdoor spaces that are designed to support a healthy, joyful, and sustainable community life.


Cohousing Toronto is working collaboratively to establish an all-ages cohousing community in Toronto within the next three years.

Our Values

How we will conduct ourselves along the way


We believe that an engaged group working and learning together generates more creative ideas, develops more successful solutions, and makes better decisions. We are actively sharing the work and the decision-making involved in building the community we want to live in.


We value active participation in community life, and the diverse knowledge, skills, and experiences that each of us contributes. We are supportive of one another and aim to share our talents and resources to enrich our intentional community.


We value communications and actions that are genuine and transparent. We aim to be authentic and open in our communications and our relationships with one another.


    We welcome individuals and families in all types of households and all stages of life to participate in building a connected community. We encourage diverse perspectives and aim to learn from one another.


    We believe that the community is enriched when everyone is heard, acknowledged, and appreciated as an equal member. We aim to accept and respect one another’s differences, preferences, and needs.


    We value wise use of personal, financial, and natural resources as well as the privacy of living in independent households. We aim to create a healthy, interdependent community where we share common spaces and amenities, consume less, conserve more, and live more lightly on the earth.


    Guiding Principles for how we will work together

    As a self-managing group, we will:

    • Contribute to the process of developing a cohousing community in Toronto
    • Share the work to build momentum quickly
    • Document our processes and decisions
    • Be welcoming and inclusive
    • Be open and transparent in our communications
    • Listen actively and respond constructively
    • Deal with conflicts and issues as they emerge
    • Honour our agreements with one another
    • Actively share our knowledge, resources and learning